Why Should I take out Public Liability Insurance?

In the excitement of setting up your business, it is all too easy to overlook taking out Public Liability insurance.

However, the cost of a claim plus the associated legal fees can quickly build up and lead to a financial headache that puts strain on your business and at worst could lead to bankruptcy.

An example of this might be, a customer slipping on a wet floor at your office premises. If it can be proved that you failed in your care to that customer, you could be open to compensation claims for the pain of their injury and loss of earnings.

Likewise, if a child is injured in the playground at a nursery, if it could be proved that the equipment did not meet safety standards - a claim could be made for that child’s pain and suffering and any future medical needs.

The claimant does not even need to be your customer; a member of the public who is hit by shards of glass from a broken window you are installing is legally within their rights to make a claim.

Public Liability insurance will also protect you and your business against damage to persons or property when working outside your offices, such as, inadvertently infecting a vital client server with a computer virus. The result could be a claim for damages to the server and loss of earnings whilst the problem is resolved. In the event of a claim, most policies will cover legal fees In addition to any ensuing compensation payment