I am a self-employed - why do I need Public Liability insurance?

It is all too easy for a self-employed person who has worked for many years without a claim being brought against them, to overlook Public Liability insurance.

Caught up in the day to day running of their business, they can be forgiven for overlooking Public Liability insurance or for naively being unaware of the potential risks they face on a daily basis.

It may never occur to them that they are just as vulnerable as major companies to having a claim made against them for injuries or damages suffered by clients, members of the public or sub-contractors.

It is worth bearing in mind that accidents do and can happen, irrespective of whether you’re at work or home, in rented offices or at customers’ premises or site.

In an age of increased “no win no fee” litigation and burgeoning health and safety legislation, it is crucial that the self-employed prepare for all legal eventualities.