Why do I Need Public Liability cover?

As a business owner or employer, you have a legal duty of care towards your employees, customers and public.

If members of the public enter your premises or you go customer sites, you should consider Public Liability Insurance. Indeed, some customers and clients will only work with businesses or sole traders if a Public Liability policy is in place.

The necessity and legal obligations for businesses to have Public Liability insurance depends on individual circumstances and the sector in which the business is operating.

For example, self-employed tradespeople, while providing products and services to business and the public, are not obliged by the law to have this insurance.

However, the physical nature of their work, coupled with the use of potentially dangerous equipment means accidents commonly occur in this sector.

If you own a business carrying out work related to building, electrics, plastering, plumbing or roofing, you are strongly advised to take out a Public Liability policy.

Should an accident ensue and a claim is successfully brought against you, your business would be liable to cover the full cost, and in the case of many self-employed tradespeople – it could be you personally.

If you are an event organiser, there is an abundance of things that could go wrong, leaving your business vulnerable - cancellation, equipment failure, bad weather, travel disruption, technical problems – in addition to the potential for accidents and injury on site.

If you run a nursery or a crèche there will be children and their parents entering your business on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to make certain that every possible aspect of health and safety is adhered too and Public Liability insurance is a key part to that.