How can taking out Public Liability insurance add value to my business?

At a time of economic turmoil when many businesses are struggling, it is easy to over-look vital business insurance or dismiss it as a waste of time and money.

Some individuals are distrustful of what is often dubbed “elf ‘n safety” – in other words political correctness gone mad.

Whatever your view, it is a fact that many public sector and organisations now require their suppliers to have this Public Liability insurance in place as part of their procurement process when awarding contracts for work.

It is to be hoped you will never be party to an unfortunate accident or damages for which you will be required to claim against your Public Liability policy.

However, in having this insurance in place you can concentrate on your business and securing lucrative contracts without that nagging fear of “what-if”

Public Liability insurance does not exist solely to protect self-employed people in cases of a customer tripping and falling on a slippery floor in their office. Or a tradesperson accidentally dropping a tool out of the window and injuring a member of the public. It is also a common sense product that insures individuals against damage, losses and thefts relating to their own belongings and premises.